Friday, September 08, 2006

I've seen the future of air travel and I'm afraid

Low cost carriers are not new. But the thrend toward "no frills" is being taken to ever more horrible lows. The newest addition to this kind of travel is known as the Low Cost Carrier Terminal.

My god.

The purpose of these things - the experts tell us - is to move passengers through, up, down, around, in, out faster than is possible in the enormous terminal buildings national flag carriers are so fond of.


I fart in their general direction. The logistics low rent. They seem to have a policy of hiring "special" people, or those severly challenged in the grey matter department. The acoustics sound like a a burp in a bucket.

The whole thing is just too 'orrible for words.

Oh, and the planes, of course, don't berth at the building - you have to walk along the tarmac; which in the case of AirAsia means as soon as it rains no-one wants to walk to the plane; which means the flight is delayed.

I despair.