Thursday, March 23, 2006

PLaying the 419 game

Ther have been people with a lot more patience than me, who have baited these 419-ers. One person even claims to have got US$3 out of one of them.

Very amusing. Check out the link by clicking --->here<---

I just had to post this

I was surfing the web, trying my hardest not to do any work - as you do - and I came across something really groovy. Rolex has released an anniversary edition Submariner.

It's green.

Which is ubelievably groovy in my opinion.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Do you think it might be fake

Seems like Nwinyer has given up since I asked him to send me an airticket - as a matter of good faith, you understand. But he was getting boring anyway. What appeared in my inbox this morning, on the other hand...well why don't you just see for yourself.

From Engr Zeid.
Hello friend.

Engr Zeid Al-hajahmad is my name 48 years from Jordan but in Africa,I am a business partner to late president Eyadema of Togo who died some months ago actually we deal on gold and diamond.

Then this is to introduce you into my project of transfering the sum of ($38million) that now into a security company in Ivory Coast due to the political crisis here.

Please if my proposal accepted kindly send your informations to further you in more details as I want you to stand and have the fund into your account before my leaving here find attached of my passport.

Best regards
Engr,Zeid Al-hajahmad

Friday, March 17, 2006

Nwinyer again

Here is round 2 from Nwinyer

dear.Stuart Godwin

frankly speaking my heart is filled with excitment while reading your email ok.

I want you to understand that i dont know anybody that will faithfuly abide with me in this transaction after my late father's blood relatives humiliated me by selling all my father's acquired properties.It was because of that their wicked act that made me to swear for not entrusting any among them just as i was informed by my late father saying to ensure i invested this money without any of his relatives geting closer to my life .It was because of this act that i arrived here in dakar senegal and handed these documents to the company's lawyer so that he will help me to protect these documents as i dont know who is who as uptill now i am so confused that i cant figure thos that conived and see to my father's agony death. Therefore what i want you to do for me now is to kindly arrange and come down here in dakar senegal so that both of us will see in person and could be bale to sitdown and discuss all modelities about this transaction in details please. I dont have any other person except you and for this reason i want you to kindly be with me in whatever that should be done to have this money out of the security company to you*r own bank account.

Other reasons why i want your being here is to help me to get this money lodged in a bank here on your name as i dont have any document that wil enable me have this money deposited here because of my status here as refugee.It is when you are here and we get this my inheritance retrieved from the security company, lodged in any bank of our general acceptability on your name and retransfer the whole money on your name that my mind can be relaxed.

I want you to kindly understand that i want you to help me relocate there in your country as soon as this money is confirmed retransfered and accepted there in your bank by either yourself or your next of kin or your bank.

The best thing i need from you is to be faithful with me and ready to help me to the core.

Best wishes.
Nwinyer Williams.

My response...


I'm not understanding what it is that you need me to do. Maybe you can explain further.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

The only child of late Dr.Solomon Williams

This morning my inbox contained 2 emails of the kind that assumes one is a complete cretin. I decided to play along, and have included the transcript of the email below. I'll keep you posted on how things pan out.

Dear,Good day.
I know that this mail might be a surpriseing to you but do consider it as an emergency. In a nut shell, My name Nwinyer Williams, from the republic of Sierria-Leone in west Africa. The only child of late Dr.Solomon Williams, I am looking for someone who can take me as a child or friend I promise to be obidient to you and I will bring happiness to your life,My late father was the managing director of Rainbow Gold and Diamond company in (KENEMA)Sierra-Leone.But he was poisoned to death alongside with my mother by his business associate, On one of their outing to discuss a business deal in oversea,

However, after their death I managed to stay alone and when the war broke out in my country. I escape to near by village here,with every important files of my father.He has the sum of (US$15.2M)Fifteene million two hundred thousand U.S Dollars only. This amount was deposited by my late father in one of the leading security company, Presently, I am saddled with the problem of securing a trust worthy foriegn personality to help me. I will map out 15% for you.and i will mapped out 10% for any miscellaneous expenses that you may incur during the transferring of the money over to your country (1) you will Stand on my behalf as the beneficiary for the claim of the inheritance from the company since the management of the company adviced that I should solicit for an individual or corporate organization to claim the deposit for me as they cannot release it directly to me due to my status right now.

(2)you will Help me secure my travelling documents to meet you as soon as my money is released to you. Furthermore,

you can contact the company for confirmation so that the company will know that you are my partner,that will enable the company correspond with you on my behalf.I am giving you this offers as mentioned with every confidence on your acceptance to assist me or adopt me as your Child or business partner if possible and manage the money for me.

My regard to your family.
Yours sincerely.
Nwinyer Williams.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

200 year old constitution, 200 year old thinking

A friend of mine recently pointed out to me that the USA has one of the oldest constitutions in the world (if not the oldest). And while other countries seem to rewrite their's on a regular basis following various revolutions, that of the USA remains intact, with only amendments. Good point, I guess.

So it surprises me that Americans are still arguing about the right to abortiion, when the europeans are already discussion the ethics of in-vitro fertilisation, and the right of one partner to use frozen embryos without the other's consent.

It seems that our American cousins are still stuck in medieval times. Shame. Open up your guilted cage and have a housewarming party, whydontcha.