Monday, August 15, 2005

My blog has been spammed

I'm not sure how to feel about what just happened. Someone called meghanhc59jfdenton has posted a spam comment on my blog. Of course, this miserable fuck's name leads nowhere, so I can't even reply in kind.

If there are any hackers reading this, please find the organisation in question and mailbomb it.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

This wasn't in the brochure

For the 4th day in a row now KL is blanketed under a layer of smoke so thick I can barely see across the road. Visibility is down to under 100m in some places. Schools have closed. The fish are going belly-up in the fish farms for lack of oxygen. Hell, the air even smells like a good old fashioned highveld grassfire.

In typical fashion the authorities are telling us as little as possible. What we do know is that the API (air pollutant index) has reached "dangerously unhealthy levels." We also know that the smoke is the result of open burning which the Malaysian government routinely blames on Indonesia.

The hysteria is reaching a fever pitch; there are calls for the government to seed the clouds in the hope of creating rain to wash the sky. The only solution is for all of us to look west and blow as hard as we can.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

And speaking of stealing ideas...

Here's one of this year's Cannes winners from Jupiter Drawing Room in South Africa.

And here's an ad I came across from Lurzer' Archive, Vol.3-2002. Hmmmmmmmm...

Sum of yesterday

Some stuff lasts and some doesn't. I've been going through the annuals trying to find an idea to steal and something struck me. No matter how technology infulences this profession, a good idea is timeless. It doesn't fade. It doesn't crack. It doesn't go out of fashion. It's never the wrong colour for the season. Not even Greenpeace can find something wrong with a good idea. It's never superceded by a new model. etc...

And why am I musing thus? Well, I came across an ad for an airline, in which the lastest turboprop engine was being hailed as the latest greatest thing since...well, flight. And it seemed intresting that while the turboprop engine has been overtaken by technology, the idea expressed in the ad remains worthy of a look.

Nuff said.