Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Prague beginnings - should I stay or should I go; Darlin' you've got to let me know

I feel like I am starting my life over again. Which I probably am, when all is said and done. Been here since Feb 23 and still no meaningful resolution to my discussion with the CEO. I am now in my 2nd residence of this episode of my life, and the plot has yet to thicken. First was an AirBnb, which tenure ran out 5 days ago; now in an expensive residence/hotel thing. Junior suite is the name. But the price is anything but junior. SDG2.5k until the end of April. Not sustainable. Especially if I don't get paid.

This really is the land that time forgot. Everything moves at a leisurely pace; except for the mighty Vlatva River, whose waters proceed at a roaring pace towards where I do not know. The architecture looks like it is stuck in some pre-Prussian revolutionary movie (obviously). Cobled street are the order of the day. I wonder when the trams arrived and replaced the clip pity clop of horse-drawn carts.

My mind is wandering again - as I find myself alone - again - in some bar with no company except a beer (which in truth is rather good company in these parts). Weekdays are tolerable because there is work to be done, and quite a lot of it. But weekends are a bit painful. Were it not for the odd tourist attraction, cheap beer and Netflix I'd be fucked.

Looking for an apartment is a pain in the ass. And I will have to get a trade license here in Praha in order to become practitioner of advertising in goos standing with the authorities. The brochure never said it would be this complicated.

enough for now.

The side we don't see. Until we see it.

Thursday 15 December 2016:

No need to be alarmed. At this stage, anyway. But I have been having thoughts of suicide of late. And of late, I mean for the past year or so. My life has been punctuated by extreme highs and extreme lows.

Wow. Friday 16 December evening: Chorine tells me she "wants out."

My world has collapsed - no to be overly dramatic. But I do feel like everything's fucked.

I gave up everything to be here. Car, bike, apartment, good job. Now I have nothing. I am an unwanted guest in someone's house.

I have no money. I'm barely a legal alien in this country. The whole of the past 12 years has flown out of the window.